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Veterans Resources

This page is to help veterans and their family get connected to organizations that may be able to help them with their needs and should be used for information only. Any business transactions between you and any of the organizations listed are at your own risk. Battle for the Troops, and its staff members, recommend that you fully educate yourself on the pros and cons prior to entering into any contracts with the organizations listed.

All non-profit/not-for-profit organizations may request to have their organizations listed for free. Any for-profit companies who would like to be added will need to participate in one of our sponsorship programs located on Become A Sponsor. Your organization will be listed on this page from the time of sponsorship until the next event in 2024. 10% of any sponsorship will go directly to the charity we are raising money for. The rest will be invested into the sponsorship program itself. Any remaining money will be redirected towards the charity.

We thank you for your understanding and your support.

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