Raffle Rules & Infomation

Rules for Raffle

  1. Valid for US Residents residing in the United States only

  2. Contestants may only win one of the categories, regardless if they enter both

  3. Only 1 winner for each category will be selected. If there is a enough contestants entered in any of the categories we will open up the raffle for two winners.

  4. You may enter as many times as you wish

  5. Winner will have a choice of any bundles within the winning raffle category

    1. Winner may choose only 1 uniform if they choose​​​ that prize

  6. Winner will be contacted for size and color specifications needed and shipping information after the event

  7. Once order is placed, it is final. No refunds or exchanges with Battle for the Troops or any of its staff.

    1. Winner may contact Century directly for possible exchange, but no refund

  8. No refunds on raffle entries

  9. Winner may not exchange prize for cash value

Boxing  Bundle

  • 1 pr Brave Boxing Gloves

  • 2 Brave Mitts

  • 1 Hand Wrap

  • 1 C-Gear Bag

P2 Sparring Bundle

  • 1 pr P2 Sparring Gloves

  • 1 pr P2 Sparring Shoes

  • 1 P2 Sparring Helmet w/Mask

Training Bundle

  • 1 Brave Muay Thai Pad

  • 2 Brave Mitts

  • 1 Brave Kicking Shield

Kid Training Bundle

  • 1 Oval Kicking Shield

  • 1 Li'l Dragon Blocker

  • 1 Li'l Dragon Hand Mitt

TKD Sparring Bundle

  • 1 pr TKD Foot Pads

  • 1 pr TKD Hand Pads

  • 1 pr TKD Forearm Pads

  • 1 pr TKD Shin Pads

Choice of Uniform*

  • 1 Ironman Uniform 14oz

  • 1 Brush Cotton Uniform 10oz

  • 1 Lt Wt Kung Fu Uniform

  • 1 Elite TKD Uniform

  • 1 Punock WKF Kata Uniform

  • 1 Gameness Jiujitsu Uniform

*Winner may choose only one uniform.