Battle for the Troops 


No Event This Year
Message from the Promoter


I want to thank all of the people who have reached out about our event this year. After much thought and internal debate I have decided to skip this year.


Originally I was looking to host a virtual event. However, since I do not have medals that I could give out, it was hard to justify charging for the event. This naturally scrapped the virtual event, since the main goal of the event, outside of promoting our sport, is to raise money for our veterans.

The next step was to do an actual in-person event. With the new Covid scare that is going around, there is a good chance that we may go back to limited capacity, or no capacity, in the near future.  I am, unfortunately, not in a position to gamble on what may or may not happen.

So with much reluctance and sadness, we will skip 2021, in hopes that 2022 will bring a better future for our sport. Thank you again for all the support. Be sure to stop back every now and then to see the status of 2022's event. We are looking to add a lot more to it. 

With respect,


Jeremy M. Talbott


Battle for the Troops